Thursday, March 31, 2011

Government Unfairness !

The governments are the dirtiest organizations that could ever exist in the face of this earth. Presidents run for presidency to be able to run a country and to take decisions on what is better for the people. Libya’s civil war was an issue that took The United States by surprise, and made President Obama take a decision that would get The United States in war with the Libyan forces to protect Libya’s citizens. He took this decision while he was on a Latin America trip to 5 Latin American countries to make their relations better in the future. He took the decision to go into Libya without taking the USA congress in consideration. He basically did what a President should be able to do according to what is right. Even though it wasn’t the right decision to not count the congress in, he still took the decision by himself. This is unfair because this means he can take other decisions which are more important to The United States, than going into war with another country where they have nothing to do with or nothing to get out of involving themselves.
   The immigration issue has been a very important and huge issue that Obama has promised to make better but has done nothing to better it. He hasn’t made the border more secure and he hasn’t made it easier for immigrants to have a better future in the US. If he took the decision of going into another country without consulting the congress, why not take a decision that would make immigrants life’s easier, which is an issues that he has agreed on since he started running for president. A big part of his win for presidency has to do with the Hispanic vote but has done nothing in return.